Reclaim and enjoy your lawn from pests and enjoy it this year. Relax and let Hammond’s Landscaping eliminate and prevent lawn pests from your landscape.

A Pest Prevention Plan That’s Right for You

At Hammond’s Landscaping, we believe that the only applications that need to be applied to your lawn are the ones that are necessary. We specially curate pest prevention programs specific to our clients’ lawns without performing applications that aren’t applicable to the situation.

Our Pest Prevention Programs

With our pest prevention programs, we’ll prevent pests that are harmful to us, our lawns, and our pets.

Fire Ants

Our fire ant program is designed to eliminate fire ants and prevent them from returning to your landscape!


Grubs destroy our lawn by feeding on our grass’ roots. We eliminate them within our fertilization plans.


When you love your pets as much as we do, making sure they’re safe in your own lawn is something we can help with.

Our pest control programs eliminate much more than the above three. We have preventions and applications that reduce, eliminate, and prevent dozens of lawn pests. See more below or contact us today for your free consultation!

Other Pests We Prevent

Here are a few of the common pests we prevent and eliminate from our customers’ lawns.


Ticks are a nuisance to us and our pets. They can carry diseases such as Lyme disease and cause bad reactions. We eliminate ticks from your lawn and prevent them from returning.

Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles feed on our foliage and seemingly gather in large numbers. They are the result of leaving grubs in our lawns untreated.


Armyworms are extremly destructive to our plant life. They get their name by invading our lawns in massive numbers as the armyworm eggs are deposited in large numbers by gray moths. These worms will consume just about any plant in their path.


Although spiders can be helpful to our landscapes by eliminating unwanted pests, they can be unwanted themselves, especially when they start seeking refuge in our homes when it gets colder out.


No one likes fleas, especially your pets. With our lawn pest prevention program, we eliminate and prevent fleas from your lawn so you can feel safe knowing your pets are free to roam your landscape!

Other Lawn and Landscape and Hardscape Services We Offer

As a full-service lawn care and landscaping company, we provide services that encompass your entire landscape from lawn care and pest control to hardscapes and irrigation.

Professional Lawn Fertilization Company in Mooresville, NC

Lawn Care & Maintenance

Relax this year and have Hammond’s Landscaping provide professional lawn care and maintenance services from fertilization and weed control to lawn mowing and maintenance.

Premier Sod Installation Service in Concord, NC


We rejuvenate landscapes with everything from sod and mulch installations to tree and shrub pruning as well as complete flower bed designs.

Professional Hardscaping Company in Harrisburg, NC

Hardscapes & Irrigation

Add eye-catching features to your landscape with attractive hardscape and water features that add beauty and functionality to your landscape. These can include anything from fire pits to unique water features.

Why Choose Hammond’s Landscaping?

Locally Owned

When you work with Hammond’s Landscaping, you’re working with a locally owned business that has its roots in the Charlotte area.


48 Hour Service Calls

Have an issue or need us on site for an emergency? We can be on your property within 48 hours.

Watering & Post-Application Plans

We don’t leave you high and dry when it comes to watering your lawn after our lawn care applications. We’ll give you the scedule and directions in writing for each application.

Auto Pay - Paperless Billing

No one likes paper invoices sitting around or getting lost. We send our invoices completely electronically. They can be paid online as well!

Customized & Tailored

Our landscape designs are customized and tailored to incorporate your home and wishes. Custom plans are approved by you and the low consultation fee is applied to your project!

Veteran & Senior Discounts

Veterans and senior citizens can enjoy receiving 10% off of projects and recurring services.

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